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Erik Ramirez

Chef Owner

 Erik Ramirez is the chef creative and partner behind New York City’s hit restaurants Llama Inn and Llama Sanand Llama Inn Madrid. Erik is Peruvian-American. He began his culinary journey 20 years ago and still considers it an honor and privilege to create through food. Peruvian cuisine captured his heart at a young age and was lucky enough to be able to be one of the pioneering people to drive the cuisines popularity and notoriety forward. Today, Erik is fully immersed in cultivating his unique flavor profiles at Llama Inn and Llama San –both are deeply personal projects that will showcase Peru’s diverse culinary heritage and the city he lives in, NYC. Erik has received numerous accolades, including a total of 5 Stars from the NYT and was a James Beard Foundation finalist for Outstanding North America Chef.